Diamonds are forever!

Diamonds are forever and they truly are women’s most devoted friends as Marilyn Monroe and Shirley Bassey sang. Magnificent surface that shines as bright as the stars on the moonlit sky and spectacular value made diamonds the most desirable and popular jewels. Their popularity and fame still lives on even though nowadays diamonds are received not only in a natural way and thus they are easier to be reached. At the very beginning diamonds were mostly used in the process of the jewellery production and at that time they were considered as a very rare material. As diamonds became more affordable and also accessible, new ways of using diamonds were being discovered. One of those surprising yet promising new function that diamonds may serve is being an element of the cosmetic formula.

As they combine beauty and firm state, diamonds are now one of the most appreciated and favoured elements of many cosmetics that are created to enhance skin condition as well as to make lips glow with grace and charm. Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic treatment that is suitable for every woman – no matter what her lifestyle is. This process is one of the relaxing free mobile games and an evidence that fashion games for girls not necesserarily have to cause pain.

Microdermabrasion is literally a cosmetic treatment that can be used to improve the condition of practically every skin type. This method belongs to the group of facial treatments but it is delicate yet still effective. The method is based on using a subtle exfoliation by a diamond system.

Sneakers – Must Have of the season

If your shoes are tight and hurts your feet they probably look fabulous. But not this season! Spring/summer 2014 is all for flat shoes and sneakers, and the latter will be the topic of my today’s text.

Recent years sneakers appeared on the catwalks of the world – as Chanel, DKNY, Raf Simons, Valentino, Celine and Giles. This is the best evidence to overcome the argument that says that you have to suffer to look elegant and sneakers are just games for girls. Today, sports shoes we wear even with chic styling. With a little sense of style one can even pair them with the classic dress, a skirt or a set of a black trousers, jackets and a large leather bag. In this case limits blurs and we return to the fashion of the 70s, 80s and 90s. And this why sneakers appear in the collections of haute couture.

The most popular are known to all – Air Max of Nike. High sole lengthens the legs and adds a few centimeters. May find it even in some free mobile games for girls designed for smartphones. You can choose from these more or less ‘twisted’. Some attack with the multiplicity of colors and patterns, others are more classic and less spectacular, but also catch the eye.

Nike Air Max

Levis. Everlasting denim style.

Blue jeans are one of the most popular, universal and diverse piece of clothing as they can be designed in many possible forms and cuts even though the fabric, that is: jeans, will remain the same in every case and may serve as also as games for girls. Jeans can be found in endless variations of colors, emblems and decorative embroidery. Even though jeans are usually associated with a casual style they can be an element of almost every lifestyle as the style of jeans is completely universal. The general outfit always depends on the rest of the garments we decide to wear and changing one element we may create a dramatically different style. Jeans are possibly in everyone’s wardrobe as every human regardless of his or her age as well as gender, has at least one pair of jeans. It’s used even in some free mobile games.

The legend of jeans began many decades ago in the American West when there was the need for comfortable trousers that could be everlasting and easy to be cleaned. Blue jeans, designed by Levi Strauss were a gem. Every man of the Gold Rush era wanted to wear blue jeans at work. Later, in 1872 Jacob Davis persuaded Levi Strauss to create jeans for the larger group of target customers and eventually, Strauss decided to patent his project.

Jeans designed by Levi were made of a combination of mostly two fabrics: brown cotton duck and true blue denim that was riveted in order to strengthen the material and thus, make it as durable and resistant as possible.

The durability of blue denim jeans created by Levi was so legendary that Levi decided to create a logo depicting a pair of jeans between two horses that are about to ride in the opposite directions. Soon, those two horses were recognized worldwide making Strauss a fashion star.

Levis Strauss Logo

Gucci. Three steps to success

Every worldwide success must begin with the first step and Gucci was no exception. At the very beginning when the fashion brand was barely popular even in Gucci’s home town Florence, no one would expect that few decades later there will be no fashion aficionado who would not heard of Gucci. The first fashion house of Gucci was in fact only a small shop in the Italian Florence. It was founded by Guccio Gucci in the early 1920s and at that time, even Gucci himself couldn’t dare to dream that one day his fashion house in Florence will become a legendary icon of fashion and favourite games for girls. The most challenging as well as probably the most fateful first step was made by the founder of Gucci, Guccio Gucci himself.

After the first step was made, the eldest son of Guccio, Aldo Gucci had a basis for business that did not guarantee success but surely, affected his lifestyle as his father has chosen him to continue the family tradition. Florence has finally heard the surname Gucci and due to Aldo’s business talents and determination, the small fashion brand became a new fashion star. During the ownership of Aldo Gucci, the company became a symbol of fashionable people fond of fashion games that involve matching various elements in order to reach a perfect combination. The third step was even more innovative as son of Aldo Gucci, Paolo Gucci decided to change the nature of the fashion brand. It was a great success, a literal bull’s eye to introduce a new line of fashion and even entering in free mobile games. Exotic segment was the reason why more and more people realized how unique Gucci was. Certainly, it still is.

Gucci family in UnityStars

Luxury Manicure. A Real Games For Girls

Luxury manicure is an alternative to a regular manicure and even though they both enable a woman to reach an impressive effect of well-cared nails, there are certain differences between them hence their names vary. The luxurious version of manicure is not only beauty-enhancing but also health-improving as it affects the condition of skin. Pain reduction is the most noticeable and what is more, also an instant result of having a luxury manicure. In the case of a luxury manicure warm wax is used. Wax is a valuable ally when a patient suffers from pain in his or her fingers or wrists. There are some free mobile games that teach you how to make it on your own.

Such reduction of pain is possible and no change of lifestyle is necessary as warm wax is famous for soothing the skin surface. It is also responsible for softening the skin and thus, the final effect is impressive and visible even at a first glance.

This type of manicure begins with an insertion of exfoliant. Exfoliant is used on hands right before a manicurist applies a professional cream that is supposed to keep the hands moisturized. Even when a luxury manicure is finished, moisturizing cream still keeps hands soft and in a good condition. The process of applying a manicure is specified as a cosmetic treatment but it differs from other possible methods of enhancing beauty. As in all beauty games for girls, manicure is a pleasant process as during performing each of the elements of manicure and changing a patient into a fashion star, a manicurist makes the treatment as enjoyable as possible. Women exchange their reflections and thoughts listening to the music in the beauty salon.

Fashion for Swimming

Bathing in the rays of the summer Sun is no less soothing and relaxing than swimming in the pleasantly warm sea. While nowadays there’re thousands models that we can choose from to find a perfect bathing suit it hasn’t always been like this. At the very beginning of the history of fashion bathing suits weren’t a part of the sportswear and only one glance at them was enough to realize this fact. 1920s bathing outfits were enchantingly beautiful and feminine but their sole purpose was rather to pose, play games for girls, than swim.

A rubber cap that was used to complete a swimsuit was finally changed by a handkerchief made of silk which was much more rouge and attractive. The pirate style became a popular element of the swimsuit and it affected women’s lifestyle. In 1920s looking fashionable was the key even if a woman was on the beach. Anita Page designed a swimsuit that is in fact a combination of an outfit to bathe and also a fashion game. It was made of a crepe fabric which was thin and very light. The official name for such fabric was Georgette and on the shoulders of a woman wearing Georgette on the beach there was very often a lace clothing to keep her warm after leaving the sea. You can find it in some free mobile games in virtual closets.

Georgette was usually flesh-coloured and rather tight in order to hold onto the woman’s body and tighten her silhouette. Nevertheless, as bathing suits were not only supposed to be practical but mostly sexually attractive and with an extensive amount of charm, there were many ornaments on the fabric surface. All those fashion games for girls. One of the most well-known bathing suits designed by Anita Page was decorated by imitations of pearls shaped as four-leave clovers.

Swimsuit for UnityStars


Ballet Fashion Show App for Girls

Nina Pretty Ballerina! As a Swedish band ABBA sang. Being Prima Ballerina is a dream of many young girls. With the free mobile games - Ballet Fashion Show you can turn into a ballerina. Select your skin color, eye color, hair color, hairstyle and outfit, for this lovely doll looked exactly like you!

As a real Prima Ballerina you would like to be the most beautiful girl at the stage. You must therefore ensure a unique outfit to shine and delight on stage. You decide how it will look like your ballerina , which take care of great costumes, dance shoes, makeup, hairstyle and accessories. In that games for girls, possibilities are endless.

Explore gorgeous costumes and accessories to create the perfect look for a ballerina. And then help your ballerina to focus the attention of all. The game is a delight for young dancers and lovers of fashion. Great games for girls!

Downsides? The application is to static – our ballerina does not make any movement. The girls game with “ballet” in name, should build a climate more of a dance through various animations. But bright and joyful colors of graphic deserves recognition.

Girls game for UnityStars

Ballet dance games for girls

Style Me Girl

The world of fashion fascinates most of the girls from an early age. The application for iPhone “Style Me Girl” available also on Android is a paradise free mobile games for young fashionistas. We find here a closet full of clothes and accessories in 3D mode. Selection of accessories makes us dizzy. Because to our disposal is a wardrobe rich in a variety of styles from casual to the haute-couture. Therefore, any lover of fashion and style will find something for herself. You also can not forget about the wide range of hairstyles and makeup available in the game.

When our character is stylized from head to toe, time for a photo shoot. Adopt a suitable posture and feel like a catwalk model in the spotlight. Is it a game for girls? Definitely yes, However, takes a lot of space on the phone’s memory, which is, in turn, its drawback.

Personally, I recommend the game to young fashion profs who need a little entertainment while waiting in line or riding the bus.

Free games style me girl


Świat mody fascynuje większość dziewczynek już od najmłodszych lat. Aplikacja na smartfony “Style Me Girl” dostępna w systemie Android to raj dla małych fashionistek. Znajdziemy tu szafę pełną ubrań i dodatków w wydaniu trójwymiarowym. Wybór akcesoriów przyprawia tutaj o zawrót głowy. Bowiem do naszej dyspozycji jest garderoba obfitująca w różnorodne style od casual po haute couture. Dlatego też, każda miłośniczka mody i stylu znajdzie coś wyłącznie dla siebie. Nie można także zapomnieć o szerokim wachlarzu fryzur i makijażu dostępnych w grze.

Gdy nasza postać jest już wystylizowana od stóp do głów, czas na sesję zdjęciową. Przybierz odpowiednią pozę i poczuj się jak rasowa modelka w blasku fleszy. Gra jest darmowa, co jest na plus. Zajmuje jednakże sporo miejsca w pamięci telefonu, co stanowi z kolei jej wadę.

Osobiście polecam grę młodym znawczyniom mody, które potrzebują odrobiny rozrywki czekając w kolejce lub jadąc autobusem.

Dance battles with Dance Central 3

Have you ever dreamt of dancing the night away? What was the reason why you didn’t? If you’re a bit shy and don’t feel comfortable on the dancefloor knowing that you can be seen by anyone in the crowd, don’t be upset and never give up! There’s no need to worry about your lack of skills as nobody is a natural born dancer who can feel the rhythm of each music style. Every step you see in the music clips had to be learnt, just like the rhythm must be noticed and felt before the dancer makes a move. If you wish to learn a special skill you have to practice and dance to the real music rather than only memorize steps.

There is no exception to this rule. Now, all you need is a good choice of a catchy song, some space to move freely and some time to spare. Games for girls - Dance Central 3 is probably the most enjoyable way to learn how to dance. You can dance alone using the single mode or invite your friends to join in the fun! This time, as many as eight players can dance at once in the multiplayer mode so feel free to invite all the people you like spending time with.

Dance Central 3, distributed by Microsoft Studios for Xbox 360, is one those paid or free mobile games where music is basically everywhere. Music is in the way you move when you try hard to follow the moves. Music is also in the way you smile when you compete with your friends in one of the dance-battles. It is everywhere and eventually, you become a part of the entire world of dancing forgetting that you used to be shy in the past. Leave your past behind and let’s dance!

From YMCA to Starships

Dancing is your life and music accompanies you no matter where you decide to go? Do you keep dancing on the dancefloor even when everyone else is already exhausted and dreaming of a glass of cold water? Do you like listening to many music genres and dance to every song even if you haven’t heard them before?

If at least one of your answers was “yes” you’ve just been chosen to join in a dance battle with one of the best dancers in the games for girls – Dance Central series Universe!

You can fight on the dancefloor on your own choosing the single player mode but you may also invite your friends to see if they really know how to dance. In Dance Central 3 you’re (and your avatar) the controller as Kinect copies every move of yours. Your task is to follow the steps on the screen and each time you manage to follow them right, you get extra points. In this version of the game two teams can play against each other and their duel always consists of several performances such as the game of tracing the correct sound and a dance battle. In free mobile games. Dance Central 3 multiplayer is the way to make every party an unexpectedly fabulous experience as there is everything you need to have some fun: good music, battles, challenges, classy dance moves and Kinect following your moves as you try as hard as you can to follow the steps that you see in the music video. Music is the strongest point of this game due to a great variety of songs from many decades. One moment, you can dance to the beat of the legendary “Y.M.C.A” by Village People only to find yourself following the moves of “Starships” by Nicki Minaj. These games are really girls games.